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Our Biscuits Range

  • Choko Krunch

  • Jaffa

  • Chocolate Chip

  • Oaty Sultana

  • Shortbread

  • Gingernut

  • Apricot Yoghurt

  • Anzac

  • Afghan

  • An oaty biscuit with a slight caramel flavour, finished with a drizzle of dark choc.
  • A delicate orange flavoured biscuit, finished with a dark chocolate flavoured base.
  • A vanilla flavoured biscuit containing choc chips.
  • A slightly spicy and oaty biscuit laced with sultanas.
  • A traditional shortbread biscuit with a buttery flavour.
  • A biscuit with a crisp texture and wonderful ginger flavour.
  • An oaty biscuit with dried apricot pieces, finished with a squiggle of yoghurt choc.
  • A traditional Anzac biscuit with a slight caramel flavour and an oaty texture.
  • A rich chocolate biscuit laced with crunchy cornflakes and covered with dark choc.

With 9 different decadently delicious flavours we guarantee a cookie to tempt all sweet treat lovers. Our cookie production line was custom-designed by Baker Boys, built locally to our specifications and has the capacity to produce over 20,000 cookies an hour while still giving us the flexibility to change cookie size and type easily. SEE VIDEO

Our Biscuits

Choko Krunch
Apricot Yoghurt

Chocolate Chip
Oaty Sultana