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  • Belgium

  • Deluxe Chocolate Fudge

  • Chocolate Caramel

  • Cookies & Cream Rocky Road

  • Apricot Citrus Fudge

  • Lolly Cake

  • Ginger Crunch

  • Coconut Supreme

  • Peppermint

  • Raspberry

  • Rocky Road

  • Salted Caramel

  • Summer Cherry

  • Tan Square

  • A delicious cinnamon biscuit slice, sandwiched with Barkers raspberry jam, covered with vanilla icing and topped with raspberry jelly crystals.
  • A good old fashioned choc fudge with chunks of broken biscuits and sultanas in a rich chocolate flavoured base. Topped with white and dark choc sprinkles.
  • A chocolate flavoured base topped with melt-in-your-mouth butter caramel and a layer of dark choc.
  • Chunky choc biscuits, natural fruit jube lollies and white & pink marshmallows all bound up in white choc.
  • A fudge slice with apricots on a vanilla biscuit base and topped with a citrus icing.
  • Classic sweet malt biscuit fudge packed with naturally coloured & flavoured fruit lollies and then sprinkled with coconut.
  • One of New Zealand’s favourites. Sweet ginger topping on a crunchy biscuit base.
  • A malt biscuit base smothered with a sweet coconut, sultana and choc topping.
  • A beautiful peppermint and choc combination. A chocolate flavoured biscuit base with a mint layer and topped with dark choc.
  • Barkers raspberry preserve sandwiched between soft, sweet vanilla crumb base, and topped with raspberry icing.
  • A soft textured choc fudge base, topped with a thick layer of choc and mini marshmallows and naturally flavoured fruit jubes.
  • A cake-like base, topped with creamy salted butter caramel and finished with a thin layer of dark choc.
  • A rich, chewy chocolate flavoured base, with a decadent cherry filling and topped with dark choc.
  • A soft, slightly chewy textured caramel on a short crust base and topped with a vanilla crumb and dark choc pieces.

We offer a wide range of deliciously tempting slices that are second to none. It includes all the traditional favourites that remind us of those our mothers used to bake and with a guarantee of delight in every temptingly delicious bite. We also produce a limited specialty range of large slab cakes along with the good old Kiwi favourites raspberry and chocolate lamingtons.

Our Cake Range

Chocolate Mud
Raspberry Lamingtons
Chocolate Lamingtons

Our Slice Range

Summer Cherry
Rocky Road
Lolly Cake
Deluxe Chocolate Fudge
Apricot Citrus Fudge
Chocolate Caramel
Tan Square


Salted Caramel
Ginger Crunch
Coconut Supreme
Cookies & Cream Rocky Road